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Heritage Guest House ( 1944 )

Like bollywood itself, the history of The Sunshine Heritage is a 20th-century tale of glamour, riches and romance. The celebrity hotel in Manali was built in 1928. Hoping to build a house Mr. H.M Banon bought land once owned by the Zamindars of Manali. He build grand Mission with the architectural design which   featured both the Irish architecture and the hill region traditional Himachali architecture, style on 24 acres. The flooring and the ceiling are made from exotic walnut wood, also the furniture and the cupboards with carving .The electricity  was also generated by Mr. H.M Banon by setting a hydro generator on a stream of Manalsu and supplied electricity to the Mansion.

Rest of the land was one of the first Apple Orchard in Manali, named by Mr. Banon as ‘Sunshine orchards’. Apples where exported to different parts of India. Manali was not very popular destination at that time, as the roads where very narrow and unexplored .The royal charm was enhanced with the Vintage Jeep Station wagon, which was one of the very few of cars  driven on the hilly roads of Manali. The taste of delicious fruits of Manali were given to outside world, Apples were packed manually in wooden boxes and sent by post to different parts of India. With different variety of apples other fruits like apricots, cherry, pears, plums, walnuts, and persimmon were also grown. Oils, jellies, jams were also made and exported. A small farm was also on the same land with ducks, dogs, cows, buffaloes and hens. With passage of time change was seen around Manali but we are still able to keep that old and authentic charm alive. 

By 1944, the main villa was opened as a guest house for the visitors who where visiting Manali for vacations and for the film productions. Many film productions where attracted to Manali to shoot films in the beautiful untouched mountains. Then, in 1950’s Manali soon became one of the world’s smartest addresses. More stars followed, including Raj Kumar for their film shoot . Thus more accommodation was needed and one more villa was made as part of The Sunshine Heritage.

Raj Kapoor, also known as “the greatest showman of Indian cinema”,was a noted Indian film actor, producer and director of Hindi cinema Sadhana actress also known as “Mystery Girl” in Indian cinema Dharmendra the “Action King”, stayed for 35 days for the film shoot izzat 1968. Jayalalitha the actress and the most influential and colorful politician of India, stayed for 35 days for the film shoot izzat 1968.
Master Rishi Kapoor the Indian film actor, producer and director of Hindi cinema Hema Malini known as the Dream girl of the film Industry. Shashi Kapoor is an Indian film actor and film producer. He stayed at The Sunshine Heritage with his production team in 1968, movie Kanyadaan. David Wenham visited The Sunshine Heritage for his movie shoot in 2014.

And many more celebrities and the film productions have stayed or visited The Sunshine Heritage.

In the 1960’s the many movie scenes where shoot in the hotel premise. The hotel made another film appearance in 2014 when a New zeland based movie was shoot at the property.

On 2013 the hotel closed for a restoration. The project lasted half years and the hotel reopened on with upgrades. Among many apt descriptions, “better than glossy but not glitzy” summed it up best.

Today, The Sunshine Heritage is better than real life; it’s a fantasy fit for a movie. Which will take you to the olden days of Manali.

Remaining faithful to the original architecture and interior design, the luxury hotel has been carefully renovated to preserve its supreme level of comfort and flair. Relax in style with our wide range of deluxe rooms and spacious suites or why not opt for a secluded private villa. Featuring designed bathrooms, luxurious, bespoke bed linen, and a range of complimentary extras, we guarantee your stay will be extravagant, yet comfortable.

During your stay, why not visit some of the world famous landmarks just sitting on our doorstep. The new Manali Handloom-handicrafts weaver’s extravagant boutiques are the perfect choice for a little retail therapy.Many options to din in Old Manali which is just 2 minutes walk. River Crossing for adventure seekers. The Famous Hadimba temple 2 min drive . For a change of pace, take a stroll to one of the many nature parks nearby, which connects to the Beas River and ends up to the mall road, famed for its views and film appearances.

If you would prefer to spend your time relaxing, The Sunshine Heritage is the perfect place to do so. Our pristine grounds offer a natural retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life.

We regularly host a selection of Cultural events and workshops inside the hotel and within the grounds, so make sure to coincide your visit with one of these wonderful occasions and really make the most of your stay.

Surrounding Garden and Orchard.

The large garden,compring lawned area, pond, orchard,wild garden,where there is regular visit from different birds,are lovely for watching wild life.In the lawn area you can find different flower in different season.   Here you can  admire   the   lovely view or dine with your loved ones. Candle light dinner and camp fire can be arranged. Also enjoy the barbecue . ON the other side , there is orchard  belonging to the owners  , from  where you can buy some fruits (apple,cherry,plum,pear etc.)

Wooden architecture.

Admire the  region's  traditional  rural   wooden architecture with a visit to guest house. It is one of the first  stone wood  building in manali  . No cement is used in the main building.The flooring and the ceiling are    made   from exotic walnut wood, also the furniture and the cupboards with carv- ing. The architectural design   of the  guest house features both the irish  architecture    and the hill region traditional HImachali architecture. Spend- ing some days here you can get  to know about the old time , where  today you can mostly  find morden hotels in manali, which is unable to make you feel in a different place than the cities.

Games Indoor and Outdoor.

The guest house is not all about accommodation of rooms , but it also offers indoor and outdoor games for children,youth or adults. So that you can spend some fun time with your loved ones . INDOOR games like playing cards,chess, carrom, lodo and scrabble. And OUTDOOR games like badminton,volleyball, swing, tent for kids and perfect place to play hide and seek outdoor. Best place to get moving.


Small Farm with bees, dogs, ducks etc.

On the backyard of the guest house there is a small farm.Where you can find white rabbits , ducks,cows, sheep, chikens ,pigeons. And also learn about bee farming.The friendly owners supply seasonal fruits also.

This place is heaven for children especially for those who live in an urban area. They get open place to play games and to know about animal and plants